Akumal Microfiber Beach Towel. Quick dry travel towel, ultra compact, extra absorbent and XL size (78 in. x35 in.). Great for beach trips, pool, and camping. Travels better than cotton beach towels.


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The Akumal microfiber beach towel is perfect for travel, the beach, swimming, camping- you name it this towel is the right fit for you. At WildHorn Outfitters we want to supply you with the products to get you adventuring without extra hassle. Our large microfiber beach towel is 78″x35″ (approximately 200×90 cm) perfect for wrapping up in or laying out on a sandy beach. When folded up the towel stows away at 10″x3.5″ so you won’t lose valuable packing space. Because of microfiber’s lightweight properties the towel only weighs 13 ounces (375 grams) making our beach towel easy to carry and take with you on your next adventure. Akumal microfiber beach towels are super absorbent. They hold 3-4 times their weight in water. Meaning travelers, beach goers, and swimmers alike can use it over and over with amazing results. We want to build a community of adventure-seeking explorers. Not just those longing to climb Everest (that’s crazy by the way) but also the rest of us who live for the 5-9. Weekend warriors who #sharethewild with friends and family. WildHorn Outfitters is an outdoor gear company that believes in making it easy for everyone to share outdoor experiences that celebrate life and strengthen connections. Each of our unique products is specially designed to help people make the most of their time outdoors with thoughtful design elements and durable quality. Our best-in-class products minimize the hassle associated with getting ready for and participating in outdoor adventures with unique twists that enhance and streamline the process.

  • ABSORBENT – The Akumal microfiber beach towel holds 3-4 times its weight in water. This feature gives users the convenience of using the towel a lot in a short amount of time.
  • COMPACT – At WildHorn Outfitters we believe in making it easy for everyone to experiences the outdoors. The Akumal microfiber beach towel is 10 in. x 3.5 in. when stowed. And the thin character of microfiber is lightweight, easy to carry and space saving so you can spend more time and energy adventuring.
  • QUICK DRYING – Microfiber towels dry 3 times faster than cotton. This quick drying nature of microfiber gives user more freedom to move from one adventure to another without having to wait a long time for their beach towel to dry. Our towel feature a hang loop on the corner of the towel so it can be hung and dried easily.
  • WILDHORN DESIGN – Our 6 attractive designs provide a style for all adventure-seeking explorers. The Akumal microfiber beach towel comes in a mesh pouch to fit the design and convenience of this eye catching product. The pouch can also be used to store other items like a cellphone and wallet while the towel is in use.
  • FITS EVERY LIFESTYLE – Whether you are traveling the world, on the beach, camping, swimming, or at the gym this microfiber beach towel is made to keep you dry while saving you space. At WildHorn our goal is to minimize the hassle associated with getting ready for and participating in outdoor adventures.

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